Contacts/ Opening hours

tel. + 55 11 3079.0853

monday to friday / 10:30 am - 7pm

saturday / 11 am - 4 pm



Rua Jerônimo da Veiga 131 - Itaim Bibi 

São Paulo SP Brazil  cep 01436-000


Rua Jerônimo da Veiga 62 - Itaim Bibi 

São Paulo SP Brazil  cep 01436-000

Galeria Marília Razuk was inaugurated in 1992 with the aim of divulging, promoting and disseminating contemporary art production through the representation of national and international artists of various generations, through participation in international fairs and through exhibitions organized by invited curators.


The gallery has two independent spaces on the same street that account ten exhibitions a year: the main one was designed by the architect Roberto Loeb and inaugurated in 2010, while the second is smaller, yet more flexible, and is used as a project room for special projects that are often site-specific.


By being open to the variety of spheres of artistic creation that move its director, Galeria Marília Razuk represents both established names, essential to the correct understanding of Brazilian 20th century art, as well as emerging national and international artists.