Julio Plaza

Julio Plaza @ Frieze NY 2017 - Galeria Marilia Razuk

A revolutionary creator, art technician, a true artist of ideas, the Spaniard Julio Plaza was one of the protagonists in the formation of the Brazilian contemporary art scene. Plaza first arrived in Brazil in 1967, to participate in the IX Sao Paulo International Biennial.


Starting in the 1970s, as Julio Plaza became more involved with the poets of the concrete art movement, he embarked on a period of an intense creative process. Together with Augusto Campos, Plaza produced the artistic books Poemobiles, Caixa Preta and Reduchamp. Poetry works of art that can be manipulated by the reader, allowing him to transform the printed texts in tridimensional poetic objects.


With strong conceptual character, he linked his artistic production to research and reflection, whose essence is in the books and articles he published, in which Plaza expressed a critical view regarding the direction that the art system and market were taking. A true artist of ideas that worked effectively, in important moments of the formation of the framework of contemporary art in Brazil and influenced the formation of the artists of the generations of the 1980s and beyond.