Rodrigo Bueno

Bueno named his home and working space, located in Lapa in São Paulo, Mata Adentro (‘Jungle Inside’). The studio is an invitation inside this jungle,a symbol of the quest for self-knowledge and unveiling of the subconscious. It has become a living laboratory where nature and time are at ease with each other, a place where reclaimed materials, mostly wood and plants collected from urban waste, are transformed into installations, sculptures, paintings and objects that speak about the continuity of life. By rescuing natural materials, the artist draws attention to the organic medium and hints at frequent renovation of the environment, full of optimistic colours, geometry and figures while extracting fresh common references from an ancestral ground. His work unveils fundamental questions about universal issues. The intention of Rodrigo's work is to allow space for a variety of senses, from touch to vision to sound or to better depict the silence that emerges from contemplation. Objects are transformed into magical tools for the viewer as keys to unleash our sensibilities to what surrounds us.