Drawing Places

Drawing Places - Group Show


Claudio Cretti, Ester Grinspum, Felipe Cohen, Flávia Ribeiro, Germana Monte-Mór, Isaura Pena, Paulo Monteiro e Roberto Bethônico

opening_ 12/03/2009, thursday, 19-23h

exhibition_ 13/03/2009 til 06/04/2009

Drawing since the modernism, especially in the constructivist aesthetic, works in issues regarding the space and its relation with man. The eight artists of this show have in drawing the backbone of their works. All of them initiated the construction of their poetic in the years 80 and 90 and, in this show, exhibit inquiries about the construction of places, between the plan and the space. To see this set of works is a distant experience of the world of massifications, so present today in the contemporary productions.