José Bechara

Modos de Condenar Certezas (Ways of condemning certainties)

Online Show: opening July 25, 2020
Room 1 / Rua Jerônimo da Veiga, 131 Itaim Bibi

Exhibiting period: 

Opening: July 25, 2020 - 11am

Online Exclusive


OPENING JULY, 25, 2020 


Planned to open in March 2020, the exhibition “Ways of condemning certainties” by Brazilian artist José Bechara, was ready when it had to be suspended due to the quarantine imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. With the extension of the quarantine period, we decided to take on the challenge of exhibiting it virtually, showing images, views of the exhibition, a special video with the voice of the artist and critical text by Clarissa Diniz.


In his new exhibition, Ways of condemning certainties (Modos de Condenar Certezas)  José Bechara presents 11 recent works, among large format paintings and sculpture, and a critical text by Clarissa Diniz. With a more luminous chromatic research, the artist builds geometric spaces that move between formal rigor and random occurrences.


With his experimental character and in the diversified use of methods and materials, the artist allows new experiences in the pictorial field, revealing tones and plots, bringing spaces that oscillate between borders to reveal a construction that strives to emerge in the plan.


The exhibition brings together a set of paintings in which the geometric tradition, which usually affirms an ideal world, gives way to a crisis of certainties and praises the imperfections of that same world made up of doubts, fears and failures, a reflection of the present, which moves oscillating , colliding with their social arrangements.



Modos de Condenar Certezas (Ways of condemning certainties),

by José Bechara.


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