06.08.2022 - 14.09.2022
Room 1 and 2 / Rua Jerônimo da Veiga, 131, Itaim Bibi


Sem sombra de dúvida


Rodrigo Naves

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Saturday, August 6, from 11pm to 4pm


Aug 6 - Sep 14, 2022


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Starting on August 6, Maria Andrade presents “Sem sombra de dúvida” her first solo exhibition at Galeria Marilia Razuk. The exhibition is made up of around 30 paintings, distributed between two rooms in the gallery and in which the affective and, at the same time, dreamlike imagination of the artist can be seen.

The exhibition brings together paintings of landscapes and textile patterns, which have been part of Maria's repertoire since the beginning of her production, in the mid-2010s. Based on memories and photographic references, many works refer to memories of visits to her father, in Scotland, during her childhood, from her mother's house, in the interior of Minas Gerais, and from images of rugs that Maria Andrade found on a trip to Morocco and in her research.

In some of her paintings the artist uses wood as a support, working in small dimensions, giving fluidity to the brushstrokes and a force of synthesis to the images. Her oil paintings are visually fast, full of movement; appear to have been done in a single workflow, which in turn lends a freshness and positive air of nonchalance to the results. This same atmosphere is still present in works that remained unpublished and that explore larger-scale surfaces.

In the text that accompanies the exhibition, art critic Rodrigo Naves writes the following: “In these canvases, relative desolation and freshness coexist. And I believe that the painter's sensitivity is there. I think that therein lies the updating of this genre [landscape] from the century that passed through great painters and academics, reaching our days somewhat disrespected. Maria's intuition glimpsed in these two times of apogee and decadence of the landscape, while at the same time managing to give it a dignified and vital status.”