ONE PLACE NO PLACE: Contemporary Landscapes

Curated by Rodrigo Andrade

Room 1 / Rua Jeronimo da Veiga, 131 Itaim bibi

ONE PLACE NO PLACE: Contemporary Landscapes

Curated by Rodrigo Andrade

Opening March 4, 2021

With Alexandre Wagner, David Almeida, Evandro César, Joaquim Pinkalsky, Link Museu, Maria Andrade and Mariana Serri

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Curated by Rodrigo Andrade, the exhibition 'ONE PLACE NO PLACE: Contemporary Landscapes' proposes a dialogue based on the pictorial language among seven artists with diverse careers and research, including Alexandre Wagner, Davi Almeida, Link Museu and Mariana Serri



The landscape as a theme and as a timeless force in art is the thread that drives the exhibition ONE PLACE NO PLACE: Contemporary Landscapes, a group show running from March 4, at Galeria Marília Razuk. Curated by the artist Rodrigo Andrade - one of the leading names in Brazilian contemporary painting - the show brings together names from different generations and trajectories, all connected by the pictorial language.


They are artists such as Alexandre Wagner, from Minas Gerais, author of a solid pictorial research; David Almeida, from Brasilia, an artist who investigates multiple languages, from drawing to installations, with a special interest in painting; the artist and poet Evandro César, whose roots come from slam, urban art, and pixo (sprayed graffiti) from Cidade Tiradentes, a region in the East Side of São Paulo, where he was born and lives until today; Joaquim Pinkalsky, an artist from São Paulo who develops his work based on watercolor, engraving, and sculpture; Link Museu, an artist who is influenced by pixo (sprayed grafitti) and urban art from his native Cidade Tiradentes, in São Paulo's East Side; the multi-artist from São Paulo, Maria Andrade; and Mariana Serri, an artist from Minas Gerais who researches, through painting, historical-philosophical issues and the similarities between color and language.


In an act that recalls the early days of modern painting, when artists painted outdoors, facing nature and the world, the curator proposed a kind of open studio at Luau dos Loucos (Luau of the Crazy Ones), an urban vegetable garden located between a creek that separates the districts of Cidade Tiradentes, Guaianases, and Itaquera. It is from these landscapes and moments of exchange between the artists that the 35 canvases that make up the show are born.


"Seven painters from São Paulo around with a traditional genre that is at the origin of modern art, facing a complex, problematic, and restrained contemporary context, although potentially liberating. Together, they bring imaginary landscapes and landscapes painted in loco, outdoors, forming a heterogeneous set of paintings that, nevertheless, dialogue among themselves," reflects Rodrigo Andrade. "It is the landscape as an almost non-theme, a pretext for painting. Timeless," he adds.