Brutalidade Jardim

Curated by Kiki Mazzucchelli


Curated by Kiki Mazzucchelli

Galeria Marilia Razuk presents, from October 30th to November 30th, the group show Brutalidade Jardim, under the theme of the formation process of Brazilian society starting from the importation of an European culture and its adaptation in the “new world”. Curated by Kiki Mazzuchelli, responsible for shows such as Mitologias por SP, in MAM, and The Séance is Geometry in Madoxx Gallery in London, Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin, at Sesc Pompeia, among others, this exhibition will present works from the artists Adriano Amaral, Alexandre Canonico, Ana Luiza Batista, Clara Ianni, Debora Bolsoni, Fabio Gurjão, Johanna Calle, Jorge Pedro Núñez, José Bento, Laercio Redondo, Maria Laet, Marlon de Azambuja, Mauro Cerqueira, Raquel Garbelotti, Renata Bandeira and Rodrigo Matheus.

The title of the exhibition “Brutalidade Jardim” (Garden Brutality) is part of a verse of the novel Memórias sentimentais de João Miramar (1924), by Oswaldo de Andrade, popularized by Gilberto Gil’s song, Geléia Geral (1968). The exhibition builds a poetic core capable of uniting works with distinct concepts and forms but that share a common sensibility and set out contradictory aspects of Brazilian formation, from the clash “between the disorganizing force of the tropical nature and the will of a rationalist architecture”, says Kiki. “ The architecture and nature work here as a kind of allegory of these opposing forces of organization and chaos that characterize our process of cultural formation”, completes the artist.

Curator also addresses the junction of the European architectural legacy and of the black and indigenous heritage, which gave origin to a Brazilian school of Vanguarda and Neoconcretismo. According to her, “the traditional artistic geometry (of European origin) in Brazil gave origin to an unique unfolding with the Neoconcreta movement, adding a temporal, participatory and sensorial mean to geometric abstractionism.


“Brutalidade Jardim”

Opening: Thursday, october 31, 7pm.

Show: october 31 to november 26