José Leonilson

LEONILSON (1957-1993)


Born in Fortaleza, BRAZIL in 1957, Leonilson moved to São Paulo still as a child, and soon began to demonstrate his interests in art. Begins his studies in Escola Panamericana de Arte, and after that, applies for a course of Fine Arts in Fundaçao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP), leaving it unfinished, to become one of the greatest exponents of Brazilian Contemporary Art. 

During the 80’s, he belonged to a group of artists that revolutionized the Brazilian artistic environment,with the return of “pleasure” painting. However, it is in the beginning of 90’s that the artist is going to become one of the great figures of Brazilian cultural panorama with a magnificent unique and autobiographical work. 

The artist died young in São Paulo, in 1993, leaving approximately 4000 artworks and a multiple documental archive. His production is considered very valuable for the history of Brazilian art, being a portrait of an authentic and tireless generation.